mardi 29 janvier 2019

Groupe SAP, résultats 2018 et plan de départs 2019 (English)

(Text translated automatically. Sorry for the mistakes.)
Along with the excellent 2018 financial results, the SAP group announced by email this morning a global restructuring with job cuts despite strong staff growth in 2019!

France is concerned, at least by an early retirement plan and we can reasonably assume that there will also be a voluntary retirement plan for professional projects.
This plan will probably be implemented by Board Area, some of which will allow voluntary departures, others not.
(know my Board Area: SAP Portal -> Employee Services -> Success Map -> People Profile -> Personal Information -> Organizational Details -> Board Area)
Such a plan had been implemented in 2015. The starting conditions were balanced, protective of people and proportionate to the group's means. It is a solid basis for negotiation.
 Whatever people think of the principle of this restructuring, the CFDT will be there to collectively defend your interests and negotiate the best conditions for reclassification or departure.
Your CFDT team will also ensure that departures do not destabilize the teams. Those who remain should not be subjected to an excessive workload.
The CFDT will be at your side individually to support and inform you.